5 Crucial Steps of Pool Management

Pools are alot like boats, they are incredibly fun to use, they bring friends and family together for good times and memories, and they also are bottomless money-pits that will only get worse if you ignore them. We all want to enjoy our pools, but maintaining it can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why I’ve created this list, if you can spend between 1-3 hours per week on pool related activities and are in decent physical shape (You will be bending down and dragging poles in the Louisiana heat, so this work is not for everybody) then I believe you have what it takes to maintain your pool!

Step One

Empty out your skimmer baskets (and automated pool vacuum bags if you have them) as often as possible. You will find leaves, bugs and other debris in here. I recommend emptying these once a day or every other time you go for a swim so they don’t get too full and reduce your skimmers suction. (Do not empty the skimmer basket while the pool is on because you may suck in some debris that clogs your intake pipe)

Step Two

Remove debris from the bottom and top of your pool. I recommend doing this at least once a week because it can pile up quickly. You can use a net to remove leaves, bugs and other items from the surface but you will probably prefer to use either an external vacuum or a vacuum head attached to your skimmer line. (If you use the skimmer line, be sure to use a leaf trap attachment to prevent debris from getting clogged in the intake pipe)

Step Three

Inspect Your Pool Equipment for any leaks or problems that may have developed since last inspection. Check around PVC couplings and unions on your pump and around your filter bands and connections. (Sometimes people forget about these parts because they are not obvious when looking at the equipment but it is important).

Step Four

Check your water chemistry and add the correct chemicals to balance Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity and Cyanuric Acid.

Step Five

Keep your filters clean. If you have a sand filter, backwash and rinse your filter every couple of weeks. If you have a cartridge filter, clean them off every 3-4 months with a pressure nozzle or low grade pressure washer (1800 PSI or lower to avoid damaging filter media) to maintain proper filtration.

If you stick to these steps consistently then you will be able to keep your pool looking good! But make sure that you stay consistent, pools can go downhill quickly if you don’t.



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