Transform Your Pool From Green to Clean

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If your pool doesn’t have enough chlorine circulating through the water, it becomes a prime breeding ground for algae. That algae will grow and turn your water into a breeding ground for insects. Your pool’s water can also turn green after a particularly active pollen season or after the metals in your water become oxidized.

Legendary Pools LLC has extensive experience cleaning algae, pollen and oxidized metals out of pools in the Baton Rouge, LA area. When it comes to cleaning a green pool, you can count on us to get the job done the right way.

Contact Legendary Pools today to get started on your green pool clean up. We can visit your home in the Baton Rouge, LA location right away to begin treatments.

We customize our treatments to your pool

We customize our treatments to your pool

Without prompt, proper cleaning, a green pool can become permanently discolored. To treat your pool the right way, Legendary Pools will:

  • Come to your home at your convenience
  • Test your pool’s pH levels
  • Determine the cause of your water’s discoloration
  • Create a custom mix to balance your pool’s chemistry
  • Apply multiple rounds of treatments, if necessary
  • Clean any remaining scum off of your lining

To learn more about our green pool clean up service, call 225-395-8476 now. We’re always ready to answer your call.