Do I REALLY need a pool maintenance company?

It’s the question that every person asks when their swimming pool starts to look dirtier and greener from week to week. Truly, I understand the frustration…If you bought a house with a pool or even if you had one built personally, I’m sure you envisioned spending hours on hot summer days relaxing in the pool, not slaving over it just to keep it from looking like a nasty pond.

Let’s be honest. If you have between 1-3 hours per week to dedicate to pool care, and also don’t mind purchasing/storing pool chemicals and equipment on your property, then no, you probably do not need a service (though it might still be nice).


In another post, I’ll break down the 5 weekly steps that you must follow in order to keep your pool safe and clean.

However, if you don’t have the time, or aren’t willing to handle chemicals and upkeep yourself AND your pool is already in a condition where it needs some serious TLC ASAP? Then yes. You probably do need a service. I won’t lie, good pool service isn’t cheap. Our average rate for weekly pool maintenance is $260/month. But lets go over what that money buys you.

Every week, one of our licensed and insured pool technicians will arrive on your assigned day to empty out your skimmer and pool vacuum basket/bag (if you have one). This helps to maintain proper pool circulation and debris capture. Then they will use their professional pool vacuum to remove all dirt, leaves, etc. from the pool floor. They will skim the top of the water and remove all debris floating, and then brush down the surface and steps of the pool where dirt accumulates. Finally we will test your water chemistry and add any chemicals that your pool needs to stay in good shape at no additional cost! Lastly, your technician will send you a text message with a picture of your pool after every service, and will share any observations or concerns he had while cleaning your pool.

Combine that with never having to go to the pool store, never having to do lengthy online research about pool treatments, never storing chemicals and equipment at your house, and never spending another day in the hot sun trying to keep your pool from looking like the swamps we are famous for, and I think you’ll agree that pools are a lot more fun when somebody else handles the maintenance.


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